Tiny Hotel Meyrick - The Christmas Edition!

This commission was especially challenging and a lot of fun - as I find the Christmas theme quite a tricky one. Normally I rely on the ambient light around the model to illuminate it - but creating a model which had Christmas lights all over it and lights on inside the building as well was challenging.

The front entrance of the hotel shows a festive wedding party:

I liked the idea of the front of the hotel being brightly decorated, while the sides and rear are in night-time darkness, full of the mysterious atmosphere of Christmas. Using the railway station theme (which was always so closely linked with the history of the hotel - it used to be "The Railway Hotel"), I drew in the Polar Express:

Beside it, just behind a huge Christmas tree, is a festive afternoon tea party - another seasonal treat which takes place at the hotel.

The right and left wing show the festivities on Eyre Square, and the hotel's famous gingerbread house...


And this is what the model looks like :

To get your own Tiny Hotel Meyrick kit Christmas Edition, visit the hotel asap!

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