Learning to draw

So, the one thing I'd really like to learn this year is: TO DRAW! You might laugh and say: "but you're drawing all the time - all your models are illustrated and created by you!!!" That's true - BUT, I've been almost exclusively drawing from photographs and often resorting to tracing and drawing over photographs - fun techniques in their own right - but they leave me frustrated, dependent, unfulfilled.This year I'd like to liberate myself from that. I'd like to draw more from primary objects and scenes, and ultimately draw from my own imagination!

It means disciplined drawing EVERY DAY. I've made a start on this for the month of January - definitely a very,very slow start - but my enthusiasm is building up. I'm looking forward to my drawing and sketches every day. I haven't gone very far - just a stop off on the way home from taking my son to school. I'm loving it!


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