Special Orders

Would you like me to create a special model kit for your building,shop or pub?

I love unusual projects involving my paper model building skills. I have created one-off models as well as kits as gifts and merchandise. 

Contact me, and I will give you a quotation for your own special model kit.


 Designing models on commission is always a special challenge. By working together with my clients, I try to make the scenes and people depicted on the models personal and relevant to the history of the building.

The models shown in the photos above, I designed for a wedding in Dingle. Each table at the wedding reception had a local pub as a centre piece. An inserted LED light lit the models up.

For Charlie Byrne's Bookshop I designed an A5 kit card featuring drawings of people and things to do with the shop itself and its history. The actual shop is in a modern shopping centre, so I invented a building to house the shop...

Model of Lismore Castle

I created this tiny model of Lismore Castle, complete with courtyard - and it all fits on an A5 greeting card!

Lismore Castle KitLismore Castle Kit