Build your own tiny Fastnet Film Centre

You may not be able to come to Schull for the Fastnet Fim Festival this year...(I believe it will be virtual like so many things right now), but you can build your very own paper model of the Fastnet Film Centre

fastnet film centre

The Fastnet Film Centre is now in the old AIB bank building in Schull. It was built around 1935 using the well crafted, cornish stones,
which came from the dismantled Church of Ireland church on Cape Clear.
The solid stonework created the sense of permanence and security which the banks hoped to inspire...

In 2012, AIB closed its branch in Schull, leaving the building ready for a new purpose... In 2016, Judith and William Bollinger purchased the building to provide a home for the Fastnet Film Festival, which takes place every year in Schull. Short films from all over the world are screened, and industry professionals are invited to share their knowledge.

 I have tried to illustrate a little of this history on the model: I imagined what it must have been like, when the people of Schull built this building...

building the schull bank
What would they have said if they knew then that one day people would be coming from all over the world to see movies in this building?
people watching movies at the fastnet film centre
and eccentric looking individuals making movies all around Schull?
fastnet film festival
To build your own tiny Fastnet Film Centre, please order the kit - I will send it out to you on the very same day as you order. Score all edges to be folded using a ruler and something pointy like an empty biro or very hard pencil. Then cut out all parts and prefold where necessary.
Finally, use glue to assemble your model. You can mount the base on a piece of wood or mounting board.

For an extra special effect, try cutting out some of the windowpanes before assembling the model - then cut a hole into the base to allow you to put a small lamp or LED lights.
model of fastnet film centre

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