Keeping up with changes in Killarney!

As many of you paper crafters will remember, my original version of Tiny Killarney included a model of Killarney Bookshop, which sadly closed down a few months ago.

So, when it was time to reprint my Killarney pack for the new season, I decided it was time to include a new building: The Súgán. It's vibrant, colourful facade is just irresistable.

The Sugan

It is squashed between two other buildings, so I have no idea what the rear looks like ( this is often the case) - and two gables to fill with imaginary detail...

The Sugan project

I created a new landscape out of various previous drawings: caravans in a meadow, the Slea Head drive, cows grazing in the lush green fields... some of the things we love about Kerry!

Assembling the Súgán

I included the multicoloured cart wheel and the old bicycle advertising "Rent a Bike" as optionals for the advanced...

The Sugan model kit


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