Build Your Own Tiny Clifden




24 years ago I backpacked up the west coast of Ireland. I remember reaching Clifden after many days of solitary walking through Connemara. It was full of life ( it was late July), and felt very welcoming to me. I stayed for a whole week before walking on toward Cleggan. 

Revisiting Clifden to make photographs for this kit, brought back a lot of memories to me. I even incorporated some of the drawings I did back in 1993. 

I love Clifden post office - it was the first building I drew. Lowry's and Conn O'Mara's shop form a colourful pair. Moran's and Griffin's seemed iconic neighbours... and EJ Kings is at the centre of it all. Of course, there are many more great facades... but this is all for the first edition of Tiny Clifden.

Designed and painted by Anke Eckardt in her West Cork studio.

Printed & packed in Co.Cork Ireland

All you need is scissors and glue to make these great models inspired by the buildings to be found in Clifden, Co.Galway.

Each kit contains five models carefully enriched with minute details, capturing that essential feel of Clifden

Clear, easy to follow instructions included.


Each kit comes in an attractive folder containing six minaturesprinted on200gm card, ready to cut out and assemble.

Average size of each model: approx 13cm x 10cm x 6cm 

Scale: 1:76

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