On the simple pleasures of Papermodelling

I never grow tired of making paper models: sitting in my studio, listening to a good Audio Book ( at the moment it's "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie), while it's drizzling outside... it's one of my favourite ways to spend a rainy afternoon.

Everytime I approach a paper model, I just feel amazed and excited by the ingenius simplicity of this craft. Using a few simple tools, such as a scribe or darning needle for scoring, a scissors or craft knife and some fast drying glue, one can build the most amazing 3D structures. Whatever you can think of - make it with paper!

People ask me whether the models I have designed are too difficult for six year olds? My answer to them is: six year olds and even younger children love my models, because even if they cut them out all crooked and glue things together higgledepiggledee, they still look great! And once they've done a few, they won't want to stop: they'll start building the most amazing models of their own design. Paper Models made by children at one of my modelmaking workshopsPaper models made by children at one of my workshops

Making a paper model is not really about the perfect thing at the end ( well for some perfectionists it is), but much more about the pleasure of making it - understanding it, seeing the miraculous transformation from 2D to 3D take place beneath our hands.

I hope my models make that miracle happen for you.


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